Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Excursion in the Northeast

Tuesday the 21st I hopped on a plane and headed to JFK airport to meet up with a former classmate from Purdue, co-worker at ABG/Adayana, and good friend, Mitch VanKampen. We toured around NYC for a day, then on Wednesday headed  to Boston, took in as much as we could for a few days and then Friday went to Albany, NY. On Saturday we attended the wedding of good friend (and former co-worker in Indy) Becky Graves. It was a whirlwind of a trip, but a lot of fun, got to see lots of cool and historical sites, and had quality time with a good friend. It was also really neat to see Becky around her family and to see all the people that are so important in her life. She was an awesome friend while we worked together, and I'm thankful for the Lord's provision for her in Jim, her husband.

Mitch and I at the Statue of Liberty. When we asked how we could go up inside, they said "that's booked 3 months in advance"....maybe next time!

View of Lower Manhattan from Ellis Island.

Grand Central Station. We got pretty familiar with NYC's subway system!

Mitch says, "Hey Blake, want to take the train to Jamaica?" ...on the North side of the subway system a station is called "Jamaica Station"

View of the city skyline from our hotel room in Long Island.

Beautiful flower garden / park in Boston.

Statue of Washington in the park.
View of North Church Steeple (details below)

(read for yourself)

David Hollinrake, Mitch, David Parker, Jaye Hamby and I. All of us worked together at Adayana, and while Mitch and I were in Boston we heard they were randomly in town also for a client meeting. Small world!

60 story John Hancock building, the dominant structure of Boston's skyline. Beautiful building.

Super cute flower girls.

The beautiful Bride enters!

Jim and Becky did a really cool thing, and before their vows sat down, facing the congregation, and allowed anyone who wanted to share to speak any words of advice, memories, encouragement, etc. There was laughter and tears, and Jim was prepared with kleenex in his pocket for his bride!

They also had everyone in attendance sign their marriage certificate, which was a really cool idea!
At the reception.
I was blessed to be at their beautiful wedding!

And then Saturday night after their wedding, I changed my plans (to fly to Jamaica on Sunday) and bought a ticket to fly to Alabama, and I am now in Alabama for a conference (www.dym-convention.org) this week. Please pray for Jim and Becky as they travel to Mexico for their honeymoon, and pray for the conference taking place this week. 


Kingston Life 09-2010

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Hope you enjoy these pics! I just added some from the other week with my kids, along with some random ones from last summer.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Doctor's forms, unmotivated parents and lack of taxi fare

These are the three main reasons I can come up with for why all the kids aren't here. It happens every time after a Holiday / break...many kids don't come back right away. And I expected it, BUT, it seems like so many more than normal, and, in the past it has only taken a week or two for everyone to be back. Its now been two full weeks of school and so many are still not here. I miss them a lot and hope they arrive soon. The first reason is that the government is now requiring all students to present a form to the school proving they underwent a health examination. This is a good thing. I'm not opposed to it. But for whatever reason a lot of kids haven't gone to the doctor, or someone lost the form, or whatever, but they can't come unless they have the form. One of my little girls, Kimberly Anderson, came last week but had to return home because there was no form. They are so excited to come back to school, I hate to see them go. For others, parents just haven't gotten around to bringing them, or they lack the money to hire a taxi, they could be ill, etc. But many others simply haven't shown up at all. My sons Daphawn Samuels and Shaquaine Bryan (had some type of surgery, don't know details). My boys Akeem Bowen, Brighton Johnson.  My little girls Antoinette Stephenson, Shavel Thorpe, Shadia Williamson, Ashley Gordon, Kera Johnson. So much joy that is not here. Please pray for them, that they are healthy and ready to come back, and that the Lord would allow them to come back soon.
My son Shaquaine (affectionately known as "teyshaun")

My son Daphawn

...absent joy

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


August Monthly Newsletter

August 2010 E-newsletter

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Monthly update e-newsletter

Please leave a comment with your e-mail address or e-mail me at "blakewidmer" (at) gmail if you would like to be added to my e-mail list for monthly newsletters.

This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Crazy awesome spectacular wonderful blessed time!

I am now back in Jamaica, but to get here I had to pack my bags, and in packing my bags I weighed them, and in weighing my bags I also came to the realization that I had gained around 12 pounds while back in the States. How does this happen in ONE month? Well, I decided to find out, so I dug through e-mail, texts, and my memory to find out where I ate and what I was doing. It became a bigger chore than I thought, and so essentially this blog entry will be ALL about my 5 week furlough in america, chronicling my traveling and eating schedule while I was home. Lots of food plus lots of sitting in a car = just a 'few' pounds tagging along...but many blessings too!

Taylor, Missouri for Caleb Sutter's baptism:
23 - Logan's Roudhouse for dinner on the way home from St Louis airport with God provided friends Rusty and Amy Adrian
I was blessed with the opportunity to be at Caleb's baptism weekend!

24-25 - AC church meals and home-cooking...need I say more?
Home/West Lafayette:
26 - Taco Bell for lunch and my mom's dinner
Central Illinois for Jordan Schroeder's funeral and revival service:
27 - McDonald's for lunch and Ringger's for dinner (grilled burgers, yummy!)
28 - Church provided lunch and Brooke and I got Subway on the way home (footlong meatball marinara, 5, 5 dollar, 5 dollar footlong!)
29 - Pizza at church ministry night
30 - McDonald's lunch, mom dinner
Indianapolis for Leman family reunion:
31 - Stir Crazy Mongolian BBQ for lunch (I think I did three servings, it was all you could eat...), Pizza for dinner

My precious grandparents have been married 65 years!

1 - hotel breakfast, Cheeseburger Paradise for lunch, KFC for dinner
2 - hotel breakfast, Wendy's for lunch, mom dinner
Lake James, Ft Wayne, IN with my siblings and Tamara and her family:
3 - Tom's donuts on the lake for breakfast (yummy, ate 3 plus a breakfast burrito), grilled cheese for lunch, and I skipped dinner due to stomache pains (I wonder why...)

Tom's Donuts are something to be savored!
4- Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch (with awesomest friend Hannah Young), Mom's dinner
5 - Christo's New City Grill for Lunch (with coolest man in the world Bjorn and Jan Nielsen), Mom's dinner
6 - Panera breakfast sandwich and tons of coffee (with cream and sugar) with Hannah (she is now in Papua New Guinea serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators)

Sweet fellowship and encouragement and prayer!
Leo, IN for Gateway Sale
7 - Coffe cake for breakfast, Porkchop sandwich for lunch, lots of fried food, ice cream and lemon shake-ups, and then Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner
Home for Kim Furrer's wedding:
8 - church lunch, wedding reception dinner
9 - sleep day, get ready for Matt's bachelor party, grilled pork chops and good times!

Matt's bachelor party, great times!

10 - Panera breakfast and coffee with awesome friend Maria Tucker, Wendy's with college buddy Ryan Smethers, mom's dinner
11 - Orange chicken at my big bro and sis's (Robin and Peter Kim)
Rittman, OH for WR meeting and Elder Conference:
12 - McDonalds for breakfast and lunch at a little town diner while traveling with my cousin, Randy Leman,  and then grilled brats and burgers at buddy Joel Landis's house for dinner
13 - AC mom's breakfast (was amazing cinnamon rolls and eggs), Subs for lunch with ice cream, Applebee's for dinner
14 - AC provided breakfast, morning snack, lunch and dinner while at the World Relief meeting
15 - church lunch (yummy!) and Widmer family dinner (with Matt and Tamara too!)
16 - Rollerblade around campus with Katie to find her classes and get books, lunch at home and then drive to...
Francesville, IN to visit great Aunt Arles, Grandma and Grandpa Leman and meet with Randy Gudeman
16 - Ice cream at Todd's Patio Drive-In, snacks and cookies at Grandma's then drive to...
16 - ...Grilled salmon and other delicious food at Makoto and Anna Inoue's, followed by coffee and Big Wheels (ice cream cookie sandwich) for dessert 1 followed by more coffee and chocolate chunk fudge brownies with ice cream for dessert 2

Reminiscing the good 'ol days of being bachelor's at "Serenity Now"...Big Wheels were a must!

Ft. Wayne, IN for a Deaf ministry training with good friend Bob Ayres (http://www.dtquest.org/):
17 - Starbucks for breakfast while traveling to Ft Wayne, Subs for lunch, drive back to Indy
17 - Dinner at my adopted Indy family's, Jerry, Doreen, Kaylin and Teryn Leuthold's

Leuthold's....love them!

18 - McDonalds for breakfast with former roommate and good friend Eric Frantz, Paradise Bakery with good friend Jaimie Oppermann, Ice Cream at Adayana social event (my former employer)

Catching up with former co-workers at Adayana, and enjoying delicious ice cream!

18 - Widmer Boys golf outing for Matt's bachelor send-off, then Bruno's for dinner!

Pretty good lookin' bunch of guys if you ask me! I am blessed!
Love my family time!

19 - Sleep day
Bluffton, IN for Matt and Tamara's wedding
20 - Pizza Hut in Bluffton at Matt and Tamara's pictures
21 - Hotel breakfast, McDonald's lunch, awesome rehearsal dinner, amazing desserts and junk food at Raber's
22 - Hotel breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, delicious wedding reception dinner, DQ sundae on the way home

23 - Purdue dining hall lunch (quite good for dorm food!) with Katie and her best friends, Er-Bear and La-Hora Bond, dinner 1 at home and....
23 - ...dinner 2 in Indy with friends and former co-workers (Shauna Pauszek, Will Feest, Jaimie Opp's, Hannah Brescher)
24 - Homemade breakfast (eggs, sausage, etc) with Indy bro's Eric Frantz and Aaron Price, then lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings with Aaron for some good catch up time
24 - Chipotle dinner with Kevin and Erica Kipfer (missionaries with LSM in Ethiopia) and Ben Stoller

Kevin and Erica Kipfer serve in Ethiopia

25 - Einstein bagels and coffee for breakfast with my bro Rusty Gahn, McDonald's for lunch,
26 - Randomly run into good Jamerican friend Julaine Ferry and her adopted Jamaican son, Enoch (first met her in 2005) and childhood friend Amy Schieler, then lunch at Purdue with Katie, then a delicious "Freshman Welcome" dinner at church with amazing peach and blueberry cobbler for dessert
Central IL:
27 - McDonald's on the road for breakfast, tour KSI, Inc., then lunch "uptown Cissna Park" with John and Silvia Eisenmann (John is a good friend now serving with PAZ in Brazil and was recently married to Silvia), then drive to Gridley to David and Kate Ringger's home then drive to Goodfield, IL to spend time with friends at the Monfre's and to celebrate Kaitlyn's birthday where we had grilled burgers and brats for dinner at Monfre's with delicious dessert

John and Silvia Eisenmann, serving in Brazil with Project Amazon

28 - Coffee at David n Kate's in Gridley, then drive to Morton to meet close friend Sam Getz for lunch at Yin's Chinese Buffet, then back to Gridley to hang out with David, then drive to Cissna Park for John and Silvia's wedding reception (great turkey wraps, fruit, cake and mocha frappucino's), then drive to Gridley for testimonies for Jamaican mission trip friends (Romesberger (spl?) family and Amanda Vercler, then second meal of pizza and pop at the fellowship hall after testimonies, and then cinnamon rolls at Harvey Kaeb's at 1am while playing the awesomest game ever, Acquire

Good friend Sam Getz

David and Kate Ringger and their two boys, Mason and Lincoln

29 - Awesome breakfast casserole and rolls at David n Kate's for breakfast, church lunch, then hit the road to...
Home/West Lafayatte:
29 - McDonald's sundae on the road, then WL church Sunday School picnic at the park (AC potluck, oh yeah!)
30 - Lunch at Taco Bell, then catch up visit with my bro Carlos Soto, then Widmer family dinner (lasagna both with meat and veggie, parmesan potatoes, delicious rolls, green beans, fruit, and cake)
31 - Coffee and cookies for breakfast at 5am, then Sbarro pizza for lunch in Fort Lauderdale airport....dinner at Kirk and Keri Plattner's in Manchester, Jamaica!

And the journey is over, at least this one is. I am thankful for God providing a wonderful 5 weeks back home, with lots of sweet fellowship. I am so blessed, more than I could ever ask for or imagine. Thanks to God, but also thanks to all of you who prayed for my time at home, who welcomed me into your home, who fed me, who encouraged me, who showed me the love of Christ. I miss you all and appreciate your continued prayers as I transition back to Jamaican life.

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