Saturday, September 18, 2010


Doctor's forms, unmotivated parents and lack of taxi fare

These are the three main reasons I can come up with for why all the kids aren't here. It happens every time after a Holiday / break...many kids don't come back right away. And I expected it, BUT, it seems like so many more than normal, and, in the past it has only taken a week or two for everyone to be back. Its now been two full weeks of school and so many are still not here. I miss them a lot and hope they arrive soon. The first reason is that the government is now requiring all students to present a form to the school proving they underwent a health examination. This is a good thing. I'm not opposed to it. But for whatever reason a lot of kids haven't gone to the doctor, or someone lost the form, or whatever, but they can't come unless they have the form. One of my little girls, Kimberly Anderson, came last week but had to return home because there was no form. They are so excited to come back to school, I hate to see them go. For others, parents just haven't gotten around to bringing them, or they lack the money to hire a taxi, they could be ill, etc. But many others simply haven't shown up at all. My sons Daphawn Samuels and Shaquaine Bryan (had some type of surgery, don't know details). My boys Akeem Bowen, Brighton Johnson.  My little girls Antoinette Stephenson, Shavel Thorpe, Shadia Williamson, Ashley Gordon, Kera Johnson. So much joy that is not here. Please pray for them, that they are healthy and ready to come back, and that the Lord would allow them to come back soon.
My son Shaquaine (affectionately known as "teyshaun")

My son Daphawn

...absent joy


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