Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Miss Lil Sass and One Tough Smile

Our newest and youngest student at school this year is a little four year-old named Shantwana. Our little miss Kimberly Anderson has held the post as youngest girl at CCCD for a number of years now, and she's occupied it with lots of attitude. However, it was quite evident on the very first day of Shantwana's appearance that everyone recognized the crown of "Miss Lil Sass" was getting passed along, and surprisingly, Kimberly has adjusted quite well and is even showing some signs of maturity! I wanted to give you all a glimpse into this fascinating little girl, so come on a quick trip with me as I try to take her new school picture...it's not as easy as you may think, as this little girl comes with one tough smile!

Attempt #1, when I thought this would be easy...
 ...So I tried to be sneaky and catch her doing crafts...fail!
I gave up and tried the next day, this time with her teacher, Rosie, there to help. No dice.
 Rosie dug in her heels but Miss Lil Sass was NOT happy.
 We pulled in her classmates to show how to take a nice picture, but it didn't help either.
But we got some great shots of Ashley and Daphawn out of the whole deal.

Back to the main story. Miss Sass. We gave up on doing it indoors and tried to bribe her.
 To get her thumb out we gave her some building blocks...first time something worked!
 But she was still sticking her tongue out at all of us.
And yelling.
And scowling.
And scolding.
And the INFAMOUS eye roll lip pucker, her favorite trick!
But along with all of that we did manage to peel back the onion to see a beautiful smile!
Now if only I could get Miss Lil Sass to sit down, fold her arms and look at the camera and deliver her smile, but alas, when I'm looking for one tough smile, I oughta know it's gonna take more than a couple days of trying!

Thursday, September 15, 2011


July - August Newsletter

July - August 2011 E-newsletter

Monday, September 12, 2011


Wedding pictures

Hello all, my apologies for the lack of entries the last couple months...I will try to get back in the groove and keep you updated on life in Jamaica. The link below will take you to a facebook album of pictures from our wedding...enjoy!


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