Monday, August 20, 2012


Team Jamaica Reunion

Yesterday was awesome. We got to be together with Plattners and Hubers, our Jamaican teammates who have both recently transitioned back to life in the States. We have not really experienced life on the island without them yet, so I can't say that I miss them yet. I mean, I do miss them but neither of their departures has sunk in, or felt real. Therefore I don't miss them in that sense. They came over to my mom and dad's, and my whole family was there, and we just enjoyed hanging out, chatting and watching the kids all play together. This event will definitely be one of our top highlights from our three weeks together (although we missed Erin Davis, John Huber and Alan Roth, who were in Illinois presenting on our ministry). We also praise God that Plattners have made West Lafayette their home, and that Hubers plan to move 30 minutes away to Monticello. That means that our trips home will be close to our Jamerican family as well. We love spending time with those who really understand life on the island, and who relate to us so well and can encourage us and speak truth to us, with whom we can communicate without the barriers that we often face. We also need to know what life is like for them, to be able to share in their burdens and joys as they do with ours. So, yeah, it was a great night together and we felt very blessed to have this opportunity.

Thursday, August 09, 2012


August Frenzy

We arrived last week on Wednesday. It's been a great week in the States. After a day at home with family and grandparents on Thursday, we headed to Julie Jahn's for Friday night (Tashi's interepreter/mentor from college). Saturday we went to the Gateway Woods benefit auction, and stayed with our Schrenk family (Tashi's host family from college) for the next three nights. Sunday we got to spend the afternoon with Janice (Tashi's best friend in Leo). Monday was a hang out day with Schrenks and their two new daughters, adopted from Ethiopia just a couple weeks ago. Tuesday we headed up to Lake James for a day with Matt and Tamara. Wednesday morning we stopped by to visit some of Tashi's friends, Fred and Anita Fifer (good friends from her time at the FW Deaf church) and Marsha (her other college interpreter). Today is family time with Robin and Peter Kim coming up from Indy with Thomas.
Friday - Play basketball with Pops at Purdue and then family dinner with David and Kate Ringger and family as they bring Kemoy back out to Indiana.
Saturday - Wedding in Indy, former co-worker at Adayana Robert Heeter
Sunday - Spent time with friends in Indy and fellowship at AC Indy, then travel to Tennessee
Monday - Wednesday - Deaf Teen Quest Summer Symposium ministry conference
Wednesday - Friday - One Year Anniversary get-a-way
Friday - Travel back home
Saturday - drop Kemoy off at the airport for his flight up to Rochester to start a new adventure in life! Then family day
Sunday - worship at WL AC plus family time
Monday - family time and catch-up with local friends
Tuesday - trip to Francesville to see family and the Hubers
Wendesday - wrap up last minute things
Thursday - back to Jamaica

local number is (765) 714.2552 :D

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