Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Family Matters

 Semaj (left) and Kemoy (right)
From the left: Kemoy, myself, Jordan (Tashi's brother), Tashi and Semaj

This past weekend we traveled to Mandeville to participate and help out at the 2nd annual National Deaf Sports day, an event where students and adults compete against each other in track, soccer, basketball and netball. It was quite an event and they had a really good turnout. As Jamaican events go, it started quite a bit later than planned and had many changes in "plans." All in all, though, we enjoyed the fun and fellowship.

After sports day we all got together at Chad and Pam Huber's house for a family thanksgiving meal. Complete with a real turkey (delicious, thanks Plattners!), ham (an extra treat, thanks Hubers!), a deluxe salad (thanks Campbells!) and of course, pumkin pie and bars (yummmy, thanks Erin!) it made for a very memorable meal. But what was most memorable was having two of my adopted Jamaican siblings with us to share in the food, fun and fellowship, all of which builds up our faith and our personal bonds. Kemoy Campbell is a former CCCD student who is now finishing his high school tenure at LMG school for the Deaf in Kingston. He and I connected through a mutual friend, David Ringger, and have hit it off. Semaj is one of my CCCD students, and Lord willing, beings college in January. We also had the joy of keeping Tashi's brother with us for the weekend, as he has been living with us for about a month while he gets settled into his new job in Kingston. As we sat around the table and laughed, teased, and discussed real life issues, it hit me how blessed I am to be part of all of these people's lives. God has given me such a great cloud of witnesses to look up to and to watch grow, and I truly am thankful.

Although I missed being with my family in the States for this thanksgiving, and the fact that nothing can replace their love and support, I do recognize that being with "family" is important regardless if they are your blood family or not, for in the blood of Christ our bond is stronger than our bond in the blood of Adam. Tashi and I loved having three younger siblings with us and the opportunity to break bread with our team family.

God is good. All the time. No matter what. All the time. God is good.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


A Look in the Mirror: In Awe of "One" Year Ago

A year ago, today, my "now" wife and I sat down for the first time to talk heart to heart about life, vision and where the Lord was leading us. Entering that first "date" we were simply two people who greatly respected each other. Leaving that night, we were complexly a couple who had a mutual conviction and shared peace that the Lord God had called us to marriage. Crazy what happens in one night, and in one year. Nothing but thanksgiving and praises to give!

Monday, November 07, 2011


Hands in Praise in Florida

This post is a bit late, but our Hands in Praise team is in Florida for a ministry / fund-raising tour. Please pray for Principal Maria Lawrence and teacher Margaret Dailey, along with students Petrona Dolphy, Ricki Bryan, Andreen Smith, Kimmarley Wright, Anesa Nesbeth and Brittney Barnes.

 Saying goodbye to everyone at school
 In the bus on the way to the airport
At the security gate at Norman long HIP, come back soon!

Please keep their ministry tour in your prayers. They will have great opportunities to share the Gospel in sign and drama, spread the word about CCCD and experience exciting new cultural things. Pray for energy and flexibility. Thanks!

Thursday, November 03, 2011


October 2011 Update

October 2011 E-newsletter

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