Thursday, December 31, 2009


It's Been a While

It has been over a month since I last posted...not that there is nothing to blog about, but the lack of internet, busyness of being back in the states for 3 weeks, and various Christmas/family events kept me moving. Going back to the first couple weeks of December, I was still here in kingston. Exams finished the first week, and then the 7-11th was spent making memories during "Fun Week."

Monday was "Retrospect Day" where everyone dressed up in old fashioned clothes.

Tuesday was "Movie Day" where ScotiaBank came and hosted a movie and gift exchange.

Wednesday was the banquet, which I learned is quite the big deal, with the kids going all out on their outfits and getting all dolled up.

Thursday was a field trip to St. Mary's parish, a little over an hour away. We piled about 110 of us into two big charter buses and went to a river, where we had a blast playing in the water and enjoyed a coal-roasted meal, just like they used to. We jumped off rocks and then celebrated with a Pinata, which was pure craziness.

Friday the kids went home, and Saturday I headed back to the States with Ionda Campbell (a deaf jamaican and one of my closest friends).

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