Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Excursion in the Northeast

Tuesday the 21st I hopped on a plane and headed to JFK airport to meet up with a former classmate from Purdue, co-worker at ABG/Adayana, and good friend, Mitch VanKampen. We toured around NYC for a day, then on Wednesday headed  to Boston, took in as much as we could for a few days and then Friday went to Albany, NY. On Saturday we attended the wedding of good friend (and former co-worker in Indy) Becky Graves. It was a whirlwind of a trip, but a lot of fun, got to see lots of cool and historical sites, and had quality time with a good friend. It was also really neat to see Becky around her family and to see all the people that are so important in her life. She was an awesome friend while we worked together, and I'm thankful for the Lord's provision for her in Jim, her husband.

Mitch and I at the Statue of Liberty. When we asked how we could go up inside, they said "that's booked 3 months in advance"....maybe next time!

View of Lower Manhattan from Ellis Island.

Grand Central Station. We got pretty familiar with NYC's subway system!

Mitch says, "Hey Blake, want to take the train to Jamaica?" ...on the North side of the subway system a station is called "Jamaica Station"

View of the city skyline from our hotel room in Long Island.

Beautiful flower garden / park in Boston.

Statue of Washington in the park.
View of North Church Steeple (details below)

(read for yourself)

David Hollinrake, Mitch, David Parker, Jaye Hamby and I. All of us worked together at Adayana, and while Mitch and I were in Boston we heard they were randomly in town also for a client meeting. Small world!

60 story John Hancock building, the dominant structure of Boston's skyline. Beautiful building.

Super cute flower girls.

The beautiful Bride enters!

Jim and Becky did a really cool thing, and before their vows sat down, facing the congregation, and allowed anyone who wanted to share to speak any words of advice, memories, encouragement, etc. There was laughter and tears, and Jim was prepared with kleenex in his pocket for his bride!

They also had everyone in attendance sign their marriage certificate, which was a really cool idea!
At the reception.
I was blessed to be at their beautiful wedding!

And then Saturday night after their wedding, I changed my plans (to fly to Jamaica on Sunday) and bought a ticket to fly to Alabama, and I am now in Alabama for a conference (www.dym-convention.org) this week. Please pray for Jim and Becky as they travel to Mexico for their honeymoon, and pray for the conference taking place this week. 

Yay! A new post! Good job the pictures look great,
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