Friday, April 19, 2013


Random thoughts on the boston marathon bombing man-hunt and the Good News.

All I have access to down here is CNN. Interesting to see their backtracking and how they change their reporting approach based upon the new information of the Boston bombing suspects. Previously, with no evidence, I heard them talking a lot about how this had to be domestic terrorists and probably a right wing tax person attacking on Patriots Day. Some news commentators said "they hope its a right wing American" who did this, just to help move their agenda. Now that we know who they were, they are saying "well we have to reserve judgement on them and we don't have any evidence to know if their religion influenced this"...I don't disagree. Just because they are muslim does not mean that they were taught from little on up to do this kind of stuff. But why do they report in one manner with "thumb in the wind assumptions" and then switch to a different manner of fact-based reporting??? Buzz words I'm hearing is "self-radicalized" which seems to be they're way of justifying or excusing the person's actions from any influence from their religious affiliation. Again, I don't disagree with that approach. But why then, are right-wing extremists and fundamentalists that do things totally opposite of what the Bible and Jesus teach, associated as "Christian" and a product of "the church", rather than saying that they were "self-radicalized"??? I totally support the rights of muslims and do not think they should be treated any differently than you or I. Nor do I think all muslims are trying to kill americans.  It is a vocal and active minority. But so are all the people that give Jesus a bad name. And anyone who is His, hears His voice and follows Him. If you do not know Jesus as your Savior, and have been hurt in the past by "church or christian" based hypocrisy or judgmental / condemning words or actions, either by me or someone else, I encourage you to seek Him in truth and sincerity. Don't judge the good Book by the people who have used it as a cover. Jesus is the truth, the way, and the life, and no man goes to the Father except by Him. We all need Him. These two brothers have done a horrible thing, but so too you and I have the same darkness within us that can only be exposed and conquered by the Light.


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