Thursday, November 08, 2012


Lost newsletter and cry for help. My Dell PC needs 911...or 119

Normally our monthly newsletter would have been posted by computer died. I think it can be revived but right now its in a non-responsive coma. The format and framework I always worked from is not accessible, hence the delay. If anyone knows how to fix PC's or has a friend who is a wiz, any help would be appreciated, here are some pics of the situation.

When I start-up the computer it fails to load windows. I have attempted start-up repair, that failed. I have tried to revert to a previous state (image recapture or some thing like that) etc. Starting in a safe mode didn't work, starting normally didn't work. As for symptoms, a month or so ago the computer one day started up very slowly. It has really been a flawless machine for the last three years. The battery still holds a 4-5 hour charge and worked great. It was just one day it hit a wall and would take 12-13 minutes just to boot all the way up. Then one day it just wouldn't even start. It responds to commands and mouse movement when I'm in the diagnosis (f12 during startup) mode. Its just something with memory or the hard drive. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


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