Friday, September 14, 2012


Jack in the box...wait, no, Blake in the box!

Wednesday I had the unique opportunity to interpret for a tv show, All Angles, and you can see it here at You'll find me in the lower right hand corner, "in the box." I really didn't know what to expect when I showed up to the studio Wednesday night, but it was a fun experience and I was happy to see the most popular Jamaican TV channel broadcasting a proper message. They really did focus on the importance of early intervention, language acquisition and necessary resources/support material. It was always great to see that Kemoy's success did not go unnoticed. I was surprised as I began interpreting and realized they were interviewing Kemoy. It was also an awesome reminder of God's goodness because at the time of his interview, he did not yet know that he was accepted into RIT nor that he had a scholarship, so that was very satisfying to see him expressing the desire to further his studies and knowing that he was already there, beginning his college tenure back in August. Please pray that Jamaica continues to make progress in recognizing the ability of all persons, particularly those in the disability sector, and that attitudes and mindsets can flip from can't to CAN!


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