Monday, June 11, 2012


Eight years after "letting go"

On this day, June 11, 2004, a 19 year old college student struggling to find who he was and where he was going, turned to the One and Only God and by grace through faith, came to know and to have Jesus as his Savior and Redeemer. Now I'm 27, and at that time would never have guessed that eight years later I would be living in this land where Jesus broke down the walls of my heart. I think that's why we are encouraged in scripture to not think too much about tomorrow and plan too much of our future, because if things pan out as we hope and think, where is the creativity in that? Where is the surprise? Where is the awe and wonder of God's much better and higher ways? A few weeks after I returned from Jamaica back in '04 I was able to listen to Kent Heimer teach at Francesville VBS on "letting go and letting God" and it became a mantra in my life that welcomed me every morning when I turned on my cell phone. Praise God for the grace and direction He provides in our lives, not only in breaking down the hardness of our hearts but in the daily and intimate ways in which He speaks to us, moves us and shapes us and "goes for us". This is by far a much better route in life, and no way could I have seen this coming on that grace-filled Friday in 2004. Nothing but thanks, power, honor and praise to offer to the Only One who is worthy...after all, this is the reason we were created and the purpose for which our lives came to being.

 Working at JDV in June of '04 while the Holy Spirit worked much more inside my heart and mind.
Tashi and I reminiscing of God's faithfulness earlier this year.

Praise God! What an awesome night that was!!
Thanks Heidi, and amen. I praise God for your willingness to be His vessel of Truth that week and that night!

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