Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Remembering Trevor Bent

This weekend was a really special time, one that I will always remember. Throughout the weekend my mind often went back when God began to really work in my heart regarding Tashi. It was totally by His Sovereign Hand that I ended up at the home of Trevor and Pauline Bent, that foggy Saturday afternoon in May, 2010. It had been just a few weeks prior that I challenged God with the request for an opportunity to meet Tashi's terminally ill father if this truly was the woman He was calling me to marry. In a moment I will forever try to hold in my memory, Trevor and I were on the front porch, eating mango and trying our best to communicate, even though neither of us knew each other's language. But I distinctly remember him sharing the Gospel with me, perhaps with an inkling in his spirit that I was going to be more than just a friend of his prized daughter's and with a bit of fatherly due-diligence to make sure I was to be trusted. In the Lord's time, he passed away a few months later without me ever asking him for his blessing, but I consider that our man to man talk and am forever grateful for it's occurrence. This past Saturday we memorialized his passing with a traditional tomb covering and placing of the headstone. I enjoyed the chance to work alongside Uncle Elton, who carries on many characteristics of Tashi's father, including his language (Country Sign), craftsmanship, strength and resemblance. It was also a really great weekend because, for the first time since our wedding day, all of Pauline's kids and grandkids were home under one roof. Andy and Tanya (Tashi's sister) Smith and daughters Martina and Tiana spent the night with us Thursday.
Then on Friday the six of us packed up the car and met Jordan on his way home from work and traveled to Top Hill. Upon arriving, Pauline had made this sign for us and hung it on the 
I know like my own mother, Pauline loves it when her kids are home!

The start of the tomb covering process.
Hauling mortar for filling in the block.
Chatting with Uncle Elton and catching a nice pose while taking a break.
Nelson and Dalton work on the side of the tomb.
Uncle Elton mixing more concrete.

Tashi and Martina

Nasty 40 legger, disposed of by Uncle Elton
This was a pretty good sized 40 legger, they bite like a scorpion and can send ya to the hospital.

My favorite part of the day, mixing render with Uncle Elton.

He loved posing for pictures!

Tanya, Jordan and Tashi with Trevor's headstone


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