Thursday, December 15, 2011


In the Nick of Time!

October 3rd I hand delivered an application to the  ministry of finance for a waiver of our duty-tax fee's on a sea container. It is supposed to take 15 business days. Many calls, many visits, many vague answers, frustrations and 10 weeks later, we finally got our paperwork approved last week Thursday. We planned delivery of the sea container for Tuesday (two days ago) because Erin Davis (my teammate) was flying home on Wednesday. Tuesday I made the trek from Kingston to MoBay (all the way across the island) and met up with Erin and Chad. We waited Tuesday and still didn't get the go-ahead from Port Customs (who said they hadn't gotten approval from the MOF in Kingston). Wednesday we headed back to the port, only to wait all day with nothing. Chad, Erin and I were all there, but then I had to take Erin to the airport for her 2pm flight. Chad has a team at JDV and needed to take them to a children's home and to YS water falls today, so we HAD to do it yesterday, or it would be next week until we were available again. After many pleas for help, our broker finally got through with our paperwork at 5:15pm yesterday. We unloaded the sea container into two delivery trucks, and by 6:15pm I was on my way to Blossom Garden Children's Home and St James Infirmary. Chad took his truck and headed to Knockalva community and New Beginnings Ministries. The rest of the container is on its way to Manchester. I got back to CCCD MoBay at 9:30pm and crashed. Chad got back to mandeville around 12:30pm or 1am. This morning I was able to meet up with our broker here at Rituals Coffee House (Jamaican Starbucks) and write the final check that will "wash our hands" of this horrendous experience. Now its time to hit the road and make the long journey home! I can't wait to get back home! Thank you Lord that even though we had to wait 75 days for a 15 day process, we got it done before Christmas and The people who need this food and clothes and aid will be blessed. We pray those who receive these items will feel your love and providing Hand through it all. We are reminded that the purpose of ACWR Humanitarian Aid is to do humble deeds of service in the name of Jesus for His glory. May this be accomplished.

Tricky Tricky! Hahaha! WooHoo for finally getting done!

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