Wednesday, April 20, 2011


A New Team Member, and a Blessing!

John Huber recently joined the Jamaica support team for the Caribbean Committee of ACWR. He is Chad's uncle and is already proving to be a tremendous encouragement to our entire team serving here in Jamaica. Last week, John made a special trip down to spend a few days walking with us through our days and listening to us share what we've learned over the past several years. He is blessed with a soft heart and ready to listen, he asks superb questions and shows a sincerity of heart that, in my opinion, is quite rare. I had several days with him in Mandeville and then he traveled down to Kingston to spend some time specifically with Tashi and I. What a blessing to introduce my fiancĂ©e to John and see how the bond in Christ proved able to overcome any communication barriers. Following our chat over coffee we dropped John off at the airport, and are already looking forward to his next visit.


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