Sunday, March 13, 2011


Grand Valley State University and Sports Day

Quite frequently heading into a team week, I get nervous and full of anxiety and wonder how we are going to make it through the week. God always provides. Often in ways I never expect and better than I could imagine. Occasionally I get blown away and simply fall in love with the people on the team. This was one of those weeks. I quickly felt at ease with the 7 of them (six students, one mom) and the protective walls came down. Not that mine are ever too high, but what does exist came down quickly, and I was just me. They came in on a Friday and left on a Friday, and were also here for Sports Day. Hence, it was an altogether messed up week, but in a really good way. The team loved on the kids, did a great job at getting outside their comfort bubble to learn sign,  and extended a lot of grace and love to me, personally. Thank you Lord for new friends!

Red House
Give them props for best sign!
Yellow house, about four of them looked
Flag got twisted...
Green house ready to run!
Clown competition
Green house thinks the performance was terrific!
Stephen (teacher/coach) is totally into this "shirt, shorts and socks" race
Anesa pulling ahead with getting her socks on first
Alex ran away with this one!
Proud coach and athlete!
Stephen celebrating (again) with a Usain Bolt pose while Adair does a dance :)
Rahim celebrates only half-way to the finish line, Shaquaine is just yelling with glee to run, and Daphawn is already starting to pout because he's in last place...oh the personalities of these kids...gotta love it!!!!
Photo finish as Michael takes 1st place for Green house ahead of Rushedie of Red house
Gilisa pulls to the line first for Red house
Richard and Sanjay give it all they got!
Gilisa loses her water in the "bucket of water on the head" race
Richard wants no part of Sadiki trying to tief the first place medal as Kimmarley watches the quarreling
Richard, Sadiki and Rushedie take the turn under control but at full speed
Daphawn and his just as cute sister
I loved seeing the love Daphawn has for his mom and sister...the impact of a loving family is evident!
Megan Smith (team leader) with her adopted niece, Antoinette
Brittney and her mom smiling sweetly
Relay race...intense!
Parent/family dude totally lost his balance and bit it!
Not gonna lie, I died laughing...
I was forced to run, and after almost falling on my face at the start...
...I managed to stay close and came in second behind Stephen and ahead of Jason
David and Kate's kids, Anesa, Alex and Brittney, all smiles after a fun day!
The students and team celebrating a day of competition and joy!

Great Pics Blake. Thanks for sharing! Blessings
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