Tuesday, March 01, 2011


The Anticipation of Sports Day

Every march, just prior to holiday, our school hosts "Sports Day" which is celebrated at every school in Jamaica. Its a day of fun, races, food and excitement. About 2 weeks before Sports Day we paint (use oil to kill the grass) lines in the yard for track lanes, and the kids practice every afternoon in preparation for the big event. Its chaos, maddening and frenzied, but its OH so much fun, and the kids really come out of their shells and you can capture a lot. Below are a few pics I took today as they practiced.

 Kimmarley....such a stud
 Racing against Sadiki
 Shaquaine trying to chase down Brighton
 Dayne looking all cute
 Jessica being goofy, as always
 Andreen leading the pack, look at Miss Smith even getting involved!
 Semaj with a look of "that's right, i'm too cool for running and for your picture"
 Ricki in full stride while Belisha tries her hardest to catch up
 Melissa stretching it out
 Kimberly's form looks SO good
 "You did NOT just take a picture of me!"
 Chantelle and Andreen neck n neck
 Belisha always tried hard but seemed to get a late start in this relay
 Daphawn isn't the fastest but he IS the cutest!
 Belisha and Ricki
 The great thing about Sports Day is that even the staff, like our cook Miss Reid, get into a strut!
 Petrona and Semaj, declaring victory
 Ricki claiming that her place got stolen
 Jessica, laughing and being goofy....again
 Dayne working hard to keep his fake plastic vampire teeth in while running
 I love this pic, so much glee in Kecia and Shavel's faces!
 Michelle Gomez, our Colombian "i can't look at foreign people" student...great to see her participate!
 Gleneisha and Shaquaine lead the charge...
 and soon everyone follows (Michael and Dayne)
 Brighton, Shaqueen, Antionette, Brittney and Cleveland
 Smiley aka Donovan McNabb and Adair Denny
Belisha, our St Kitts track star transfer waves bye!

I love Kingston sports day! I always want to root for green because that's my favorite color but since I have a "sponsoree" on another team I better say "GO RED!!!"
Yay for sports days! Please let me know when Kingston's sports day is. I want to come if I can.

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