Thursday, February 24, 2011


Family Time

It'd only been 6 weeks since I had seen my little niece Jersey Rae, but it seemed like a lot longer. I am thankful for another opportunity to spend time with my family while traveling back to the States to support Tashi Bent as she was baptized in the Leo AC church. I also got to play basketball at Purdue twice with my dad, which is always something I look forward to doing! Hanging out at John and Brooke's watching Purdue games with the family, eating dinner together, and fighting over who gets to hold Jersey!

 Looking at Matt n Tamara's wedding pics
 Aunt Katie and Jersey Rae snoozing after a long day!
 This angle seems to look like Brooke...
 I see SO much of my brother John in this pic and... this pic.
And a little Angel in this pic!


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