Monday, January 17, 2011


a week with my "other sister" katie

This past week Kaitlyn Monfre came to kingston on the Gridley ACWR work team. I was so thankful for a week with many close friends, but especially thankful for a week with Tots (Kaitlyn, Kates, Katie, Kate, etc)...anytime I get to be with her or her parents (Papa Tones and Mama D, Tony and Deonne Monfre) I realize how much I miss them. So thankful that God brought Brooke and all the Monfres into our life 3 years ago!
She has many names, but my favorite is that she is my little sister in every way but blood. The sister to my sister-in-law Brooke, Tots is a mixture of it seems all of us. I even think she looks a bit like me :D

(taken with my new blackberry, which can become a crackberry)


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