Saturday, December 25, 2010


Sweet Family Time at Christmas Eve

Grandparents on both sides (Leman and Widmer) along with Aunt Laurel joined us for lunch and games! 
Jersey was kinda the hot item, here with Aunt Laurel
Laura Bond (Katie's best friend) is an extension of the family...she stopped by to drop off Christmas cookies, which has turned into an annual event (hope it never stops!) and to meet Jersey Rae
These three Leman Ladies make quite the rowdy bunch!
Grandma and Great-Grandma
Oh Grandpa!
Aunt Katie :D!
Uncle Matt and Aunt Tamara
Proud Grandma!
Great Grandma Leman :D
Rummikub, my favorite game to play with Grandma and Grandpa Leman, since I was a kid!
Look closely, Grandma and Grandpa are smiling mischievously, probably cheating...
 Oh Jersey Rae, how you've changed us for the good!

i thank my God and Father, my Savior the Lord Jesus Christ, and my Comforter the Holy Spirit for providing such a special and memorable Christmas Eve 2010. I am blessed, and thankful, yet unworthy!

Amen Brother!

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