Friday, November 12, 2010


Tomas and Team, a Recap of the Last Week

Hurricane Tomas turned out to be quite the dud. Thankfully, it calmed down and passed by the east side of the island. Also thankful that it had little effect on most of Haiti. The after-effects of the storm were evident, however, on the north coast in Montego Bay, as the tide was crashing heavier than I had ever seen. In the picture you can see it splashing over the sea wall and onto the Hip Strip right by Margaritaville.

Team Jamaica, minus Daisha "sweet cheeks" Plattner. I am so blessed with my team. We are diverse, different, don't always think the same, but the love of Christ dwells in each and unites us. Chad and Kirk provide wisdom, counsel and servant leadership. Pam and Keri model to all who see them a Christian wife and a Godly mother, they train their children and are super hospitable. Erin is the epitome of a humble servant, giving us all an example in how to serve regardless of how she is treated, and she also helps me remember everything I forget and makes me birthday cakes, yumm! We are Team Jamaica. Taking it day by day, seeking to serve in truth and sincerity, and loving the times we get to spend together. Thank you Lord!

Pretty sunset the night after Tomas passed.

ACWR, my church's sending organization, is an incredible blessing. We were blessed to spend about 5 days with them during their annual evaluation trip. Ron and Donna Hodel, Loren and Marlene Detweiler, Tom and Cindy Hitz, John Huber and Randy Gudeman encouraged us, helped us process and are incredibly supportive of our team. It is humbly to see where God has placed us and to recognize the foundation on which we build.

The other end of the dinner table.


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