Tuesday, October 19, 2010


DYM National Convention 2010

The National Convention hosted by Deaf Youth Ministries was a huge blessing and encouragement to all who attended. There were sound and challenging teachings, candid and vulnerable conversations, friendships formed, relationships strengthened and seeds planted. We pray and trust the Lord of the harvest to add the increase!

With Demetric, LaQuita, Tyler, Anthony and Michai, five teens who came to Jamaica in June.
Matt Belwood gave us the introduction to the theme "Reach"
Stacy Wildes and Rick McClain perform a memorable skit. Stacy is loaded down with baggage as she strives to serve the Lord and reach the lost. Rick approaches her and helps her understand that with so many "good works" (the bags) she was unable to "reach" up to the source (God), from whom all fruit in our ministries will come. We were challenged to abide in the Word, as Jesus (the Vine) is the source of all our strength.

Chad Entinger, director of Deaf Missions, provided a challenging message, teaching us that ministry to lost, deaf teens must be focused on the model Jesus taught, not on developing fancy and attractive church-based programs to draw teens in. Rather, just as Jesus was "on the move" to reach his disciples and lost sinners, we too need to be "on the move" and seeking, finding and mentoring lost teens through Christ-honoring relationships. If the bottom-line in our ministry is more numbers, then offer free pizza. If the bottom-line is cultivating souls and to see them develop into Christian leaders, then we must build relationships.
 Bruce Persons is not only a Godly man I greatly respect, but I can now also call him a good friend.
 Brent (not Bruce) Lee is a great guy and super easy to get to know. He's also a huge Gator fan and provided me with a shirt to wear the Saturday night of the big Alabama vs. Florida football game...I just wanted to raz the hometown Alabama fans...
As it turned out, Alabama was whoopin' Florida so I found a Crimson Tide shirt and jumped bandwagons :)
 Bob Ayres, loyal Gator, yes, but much more than that; mentor, friend, encourager, brother and partner in His work to reach Deaf teens. Bob seeks to grasp God's vision and open doors for others to join the journey.
 Matt Belwood is one of the funniest guys I've ever met. He is a DTQ leader and director for their camps. I would love to spend more time with Matt and learn from him.
 Dr. Rick McClain is hilarious, loving, sincere, extremely smart, etc, etc. The only problem is that he loved to give me a hard time for being a Boiler....go figure, he's a Buckeye
 Jessica and Semaj with Marva Sellers. Unfortunately I lived in the same city as Marva (Indy) for two years but didn't meet her until this summer. She heads up DTQ-Indy and has an awesome heart for teens.
 The Three B's: We all had the same sign name (handshape letter B on your temple) so all of us adopted the initial of our last name to distinguish between us. Awesome men of faith who blessed me greatly!
 the CCCD Kingston crew. Huge thanks to Maria Lawrence (principal) for making the contacts with DYM and creating the opportunity for all of us, myself included, to attend this convention.
Good times, great friends, lasting memories!
 yes, we are so cool (Lance, Marva, Bruce, Liz, Robert, Suzanne and I)

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