Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Deaf Youth Ministry National Convention 2010

On Wednesday the 28th our CCCD group had the opportunity to travel to and visit the Alabama School for the Deaf. Four students and a teacher who were on the DTQ mission trip to Kingston this past June hosted us and gave us a tour around the campus. It was a beautiful place with some really classic buildings and some nice, new facilities. I was impressed by the school, the principal, staff, kids, everything really! Even lunch was good!

These three adorable kids are students in Suzanne's class (friend of mine who is a DTQ leader for ASD) and I quickly became attached to them, especially after getting letters from all three!
The CCCD gang and some of the DTQ students
152 years old, established 100 years before CCCD!
Our CCCD students with Tyler Perry and LaQuita Carrol of ASD / DTQ

No doubt you had fun, but where is the "I will be a rave machine for like a month!" spirit like you promised on Facebook??? ;) Honestly, I would love to hear more about the convention itself. If you don't mind, posting a story about that would be awesome! :)

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