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My Brother's Wedding: Ionda and Kadene Campbell

Before I go into the post, I just want to thank my Father in heaven for blessing the entire weekend of Ionda's wedding. There were SO many things that came together last minute and despite so many of us not really knowing what to expect, God provided in every way. I also want to thank EVERYONE who prayed for Ionda and Kadene not only for this special day, but for years leading up to it.

A week ago Ionda gave me my vest and tie to wear. It was quite large so I asked him about a tailor, and he took me to a Deaf lady in Mandeville who fitted it and tailored it for only $200J (about 2.25 US). On Friday we had rehearsal. It was supposed to begin at 5:30pm but started about 8:20 and we were missing one bridesmaid and two groomsmen.... We walked through the order of the ceremony one time and were finished. One time was not enough for my nerves though so I asked everyone who was there to do a 5 minute run-though. We left about 9:15 and I was still uncertain how things would go.

Saturday morning we went into Mandeville for Ionda's haircut and goatee trim.

Next we got our wedding gear out, ironed and then we dressed for some pictures.

The shoes are what made the outfit come together...they were sweet!

Next we took some pics with all but one of the groomsmen. A huge thanks to Erin Davis for capturing all these moments!

And a big thanks to Janice Anliker for keeping us boys in line and straightening our ties!

Gotta have some Usain Bolt poses!

He's the man!

Love this GQ shot, we were trying to be SO cool!

The jumping pic wasn't that great, but at least I didn't fall in the mud with my suit this time...

Next, we go to see Kadene and the flower girls getting ready:

Beautiful smile of joy!

All ready!

Phoebe Campbell (daughter of Missionaries/Pastor Damian and Felicia Campbell) and Michalia Jones

And the big moment, the wedding ceremony!

Such adorable flower girls!

Ionda was pretty happy to see Kadene walking down the aisle, what a moment of pure joy!
Here comes the bride....
With this ring, I do thee wed.
Another moment of joy, I believe this was right after the "kiss the bride" part, which
Ionda seemed to happy about...

Post wedding pictures:
Kadene has a large and supportive family, praise the Lord!
The Maid of Honor, the Newly Weds and me
The wedding party

With the Bride and Groom!

Brothers for life.

My most recent sister-in-law addition.
Janice Anliker is a close friend of Ionda's and I was blessed to spend some time with her.
Warren Kloter, a willing servant and chauffeur throughout the entire weekend, with the couple.
I love this cuz its just Ionda being his goofy self, pulling the veil over both of them :)

Then on to the reception:

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Jason Ionda Campbell!!!!
Chuck dueces!
My toast to the Groom (perhaps I'll post my toast later...)
Cutting the beautiful cake made by the loving hands of "mummy" Veronica Fuller!
Sharing the cake with each other.
CCCD Missionaries!

Janice and her very good friend, Tashi Bent, who went to Taylor University in the Ft Wayne area. Janice was her interpreter when Tashi worshiped at Leo AC church.
Janice with Sheldon and Rachel Burkett. This couple is currently in school at Harvest Deaf Bible College in Georgia but will return next year for a 3 year service stint in Mandeville.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow, praise Him all creatures here below. Praise Him above ye heavenly host, praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.

Great Post! Good Captions:)

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