Monday, June 28, 2010


ACWR Sea Container

In a typical year, ACWR sends 3 sea containers of aid to Jamaica. One designated for CCCD, one for Westmoreland and Manchester, and one primarily for Falmouth (one hospital, an infirmary, a school, an orphanage and a couple communities).
A few weeks ago we distributed two containers to various areas in the parish of Trelawny. One was strictly hospital beds, 48 of them, that got distributed to the Falmouth Public Hospital and the Falmouth Infirmary. The other was rice, beans, soap, clothes, schools supplies, canned food, cooking oil, etc. These were distributed to the hospital, infirmary, Sherwood Content and Waldensia Primary school (hometown and primary school of Usain Bolt), and Granville Place of Safety (a home for girls).
As always, it was a blessing to be able to serve these people and to see the difference ACWR is making in lives, one bar of soap at a time. Thanks to all back in the States that make this a possibility, by your donations of time, effort, skill and financial resources.

Filling up the storage area of Mrs. Flash's house. She was Usain Bolt's principal and teacher when he was a kid...pretty fun to imagine the world's fastest man grew up eating rice and beans sent by ACWR.
Unloading the container at the dock.
Very funny woman named Mrs. Gardener. She is not easy to deal with, but once she lets you know who's boss, she actually is pretty sweet and funny. We had to convince her to let us give her the aid (thanks E, for the pictures and captions!)


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