Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Pray for Cheyenne

As mentioned before, Cheyenne is the 17 year old blind student I have been working with. A while back the staff at the blind school asked me to be a "reader/writer" for a few of her exams. Simply put, I read the questions, she thinks, responds, and I write down what she says. Last Friday we took her Biology exam for CXC. It was an intense, 2.5 hour essay / written exam. No multiple guess. After the first hour we had made it through the entire exam, but she had skipped about half the problems. When I told her we needed to go back and fill in the ones we skipped, she put her head in her hands and sighed, "why try, I know I'm not going to pass..." She was crying slightly and at the point where she was ready to give up. I know many were praying for her then, as she took a deep breath, refocused, and improved many of her answers the 2nd time through. She didn't ace it, but I am hopeful that she passed. Tomorrow is her English Literature exam in the morning and English grammar exam in the afternoon. Please pray for her mind to be prepared and focused, and pray that I have the energy and patience to sit through a full day of exams, something I have not done for 3 years. And as always, pray for her as God continues to work in her heart, to open her understanding of the Gospel and desire to surrender her life to Jesus.

Praying for Cheyenne....give her a hug from one of your cousins in the US. More from me later.

Trena (Pelsy)Garrison (Sister Rhonda is a school friend of your mom)
Trena, thanks for your prayers! I am praying for you too! How is your knee and health overall?

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