Friday, May 14, 2010


The Habit of Enjoying Adversity

Warning, this is pure plagiarism. I read the short, daily devotional "my utmost for His highest" ( by Oswald Chambers, and occasionally there are those moments where you read it and just go, yep, that is totally true and I totally don't do that well. Which is why its such a great devotional because he has this way of profoundly pointing out real ways in our lives in which we can either please or grieve our God. So, who of us faces adversity in our lives...? That should be unanimous. Do we view the adversity or circumstance as "the means God uses to exhibit just how wonderfully perfect and extraordinarily pure His Son is?" Do we think of it as; "discovering a new way of manifesting the Son of God should make our heart beat with renewed excitement?" Can I look at a person or situation in my life that does not seem right, fair, efficient, fruit-bearing, or loving and accept in my mind and in my response that no matter how difficult it may be, I must say, “Lord, I am delighted to obey You in this.”

May the Word of God be living and active in you and I today!


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