Saturday, May 08, 2010


Guess What?!?!

I am going to be an UNCLE!!! That's right, a real Uncle, not a quasi-uncle because I get kids to call me uncle, but a real uncle! John and Brooke are pregnant and due around Thanksgiving. I am very excited and thankful for God's blessing :D

Liam doesn't know whether he should be offended or not. ;)
We are excited for you though... and them too!
I think Liam should be excited cuz now he has another cousin on the way :)

He is probably the closest thing I have to a real nephew though, regarding my "quasi-nephews" I would have to say he comes in the top spot :D Also, if he wore more black and gold it probably would help me love him more...hehe
That is so exciting. You'll love it I'm sure.

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