Tuesday, April 06, 2010



The first week of March had quite a few surprises. First, Brad Ricketts was on the Francesville team, which I did not expect. I also didn't know Danielle Weuthrich would be on the team and I had been on a couple work teams with her in previous summers. I also was bunking with inter Gunnar Martin, who I didn't know at all. Needless to say, the week of fellowship was really blessed. Like we did with all our teams this summer, Ionda and I got the team to line up under the backhoe for a team picture after the last day of work. With the bucket full of water, we get them to pose for us and while taking pictures, Ionda releases the bucket to soak everyone. It has worked perfectly every time, and for some reason does not lose its appeal.

The next surprise was Saturday the 6th, when I went to Kingston to pick up my next team. As I was loading bags into the bus I turned around, and to my shock Betsy Foster was standing there. Betsy and I go way back to 2005, when we first met at Deaf Camp here at the Knockpatrick campus. The following summer we were both interns and our paths crossed several times during the summer. We really got to know each other the last couple weeks of the summer, where she was actually able to extend her departure date in order to take part in Independence Day celebrations here in Jamaica in August. Ionda, Betsy and I taxi'd our way across the island to Negril, where we jumped off some cliffs and swam in the ocean. We both interned again then in the summer of '07 and our friendship became even stronger. Since then, we saw each other in March of '08 in Florida during a Hands in Praise tour with the Montego Bay students, and then we had a Jamaica reunion at Marc and Laura White's in Feb 2009. She was not on the team list, so I was shocked to see her. I found out quickly that their church had a death and the pastor on the trip needed to drop from the team. That left a ticket and a spot for someone, and Betsy was able to get her name on the ticket the day before they left. It ended up being a fantastic week. I had never worked with such a small team before (11), but it truly was a unique atmosphere and everyone really got to know each other well. My favorite memory, other than getting to spend time with my sister Betsy, was singing How Great Thou Art with the team. Unfortunately, Saturday morning I had to say goodbye :(

But I was also very excited, because I was getting ready to go pick up my family at the airport.


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