Wednesday, April 14, 2010


New Shutterfly Website

Compared to facebook and shutterfly, posting pics on the blog is a pain and very time consuming. In the future, when I have a blog posting with more than just a couple pics, I will be posting links to shutterfly and facebook albums, where you will be able to view more photos. Check out my facebook page or new website, to see more great shots. If you don't currently use an online photo site (shutterfly, snapfish, etc) I'd highly recommend looking into getting one. have a great Wednesday!

can you show me how to set that up please and thanks.
hey, if you have a recent version of Windows, check out Windows Live Writer. It makes it a really easy way to compose blog posts and add pictures and hyperlinks with the ease of Word. Actually, Word also has a blog editor. Plus, you can use it to compose while you are offline and then just post it when you have an internet connection. Simple. I use it.

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