Monday, April 26, 2010


Mega Sports Day 2010

Sports Day is a traditional Jamaican school activity, generally occurring in the weeks leading up to and following Easter. We had ours here at Kingston in March, but last week the Montego Bay campus of CCCD hosted a special Sports Day and invited Knockpatrick and Kingston CCCD schools, along with Maranatha School for the Deaf (St. Elizabeth) and Jamaica Christian School for the Deaf (JCSD). All in all there were close to 200 deaf students there, all dressed up in their various team colors. It started late (go figure), and rather than a 9am start the first race took place at 12:10pm. Needless to say the whole day ran behind schedule, yet I think everyone, the kids in particular, really enjoyed the day. One of my students saw her cousin who goes to another school, and many friends were reacquainted. I was excited to see the Deaf get to have an athletic meet completely devoted to them. Every other school has the opportunity for athletic competitions with other schools, and I think it was a positive thing for our students to get the same experience.
The Teen boys 100m race
Mario Henriques (all black) can flat out run
In full stride...pretty good form
Until the end when he started show-boating like Usain Bolt!
The Teen girls 4x100 meter relay.
Little boys race, Alex McDonald took second (left, in red)
Three legged race.
The "Principal Race"...check out my facebook page for a video!
Presenting  the "Missionary" trophy to Nicole Jones

Good Job Blake. You gave the Trophy to the wrong kid:) Whoops!

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