Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Fire at JDV

A while back I posted about the need for rain. The need is intensifying. A week ago, on Sunday, March 28, a fire broke out up at the Jamaica Deaf Village. Apparently a neighbor was burning a tire and trash and was not paying any attention to containing the fire. The grass around here is so dry it goes up in an instant. 40 charred acres later, the fire was finally put out. It burnt up a lot of pasture grass, some crops, one cow, a whole heap of fence post, but praise God no buildings were significantly damaged and nobody was injured. If the fire had happened a day before, it could have been catastrophic as nobody was here, but thankfully there was a work team of 22 from Florida, as well as the congregation of New Life Church of the Deaf that were all able to pitch in after the fire was discovered shortly after church. Using branches, towels, and shovels the fire was beat away from buildings, homes, and some crops.

The smoke was very thick. Here Miss Veronica comforts a frightened Brianna.

The work team and JDV residents battled the fire for hours.

The fire took everything in its path, but the CROSS stood FIRM! (appropriate for Palm Sunday, eh?)

A few days later, view to the left

Same place, viewing to the right.

Looking down from behind M1 and M2

The fire burnt right up to the Huber's house and around the other side.

A recent article I read in the paper said that this is the worst island wide drought in the last 20-30 years. And there are now a lot more people dependent upon it.


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