Friday, April 09, 2010


Family Vacation!

March 13-20, 2010: These dates were marked on our calendar's since last fall. As Katie often reminded all of us, "we haven't had a family vacation since I was in 5th grade!" So, taking a chance that might never happen again, the whole family committed to coming to Jamaica to visit me during Purdue's Spring Break. They arrived in Kingston on Saturday afternoon. We spent a few hours here at my school before heading up to Mandeville and the Deaf Village. Sunday we went to New Life Church of the Deaf (JDV) and also visited the Knockpatrick campus.

Kids skit at church.

Family pic at JDV (including my brother Ionda)

Mom and Dad with Ionda and Kadene (fiance)

Katie and I with Jessica Craig, the student I have sponsored for a while.

Monday we went back to Kingston to spend more time with the kids.

Katie with Daphawn

Mom and Dad with some of the kids.

Brad with two of the girls that crushed on him.

John flipping the kids.

Tuesday we went to YS Water Falls on the way to Montego Bay, where we stayed at the Riu. We spent the rest of our time there at the hotel until I left for Kingston Saturday morning and the family flew home.

Mom and Dad posing by a very cool plant.
Snorkeling was a lot of fun!
Brad before he lost his snorkel.
Very cool coral.
Love this shot with all the fish.
Katie and me
John and Brooke

I'm thankful for a blessed week. My family got to see more of my life and we also got to spend some time together having fun and relaxing!


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