Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am blessed

The love of these kids blows me away when I stop to think about it.
- Last night Daphawn, our youngest, was curled up on my lap asleep during Wednesday night chapel, and I simply had to ponder how blessed I am. An hour earlier we were kicking a soccer ball and throwing a frisbee. The whole time he's either trying to catch my eye to get my approval (usually a thumbs up and a smile) after a kick or trying to get my attention because one of the boys hasn't given him a chance to participate (he's not patient, he hasn't touched the ball in all of like five seconds). He's 4. So with that comes lots of complaining. He's also the smallest boy, so he feels like everything is unfair. But then he does get his chance to kick or throw or catch, and he looks up at me with these big ol' eyes and flexes his muscles and giggles and I just have to laugh and love him more.
- The boys head to the dorms to shower and clean up for chapel, so I walk over to the basketball court where the little girls are playing some imaginary game where they are swimming around (these kids learn to entertain themselves with nothing....humbling for any american who always needed one more toy). I sit down on a concrete block and Kimberly (5), our youngest girl, comes up to me, full of attitude as always. She squeezes my cheeks to make a fish face, which never fails to make her laugh. Then Shadia (7), one of our newest students, comes up and for the 1,000th time tells me I have a really big nose. Kera, also 7, asks me for the 5,000th time what's wrong with my throat (these kids are in awe of my adam's apple). Then Tissy-Ann starts playing with my hair (which I love) and informs me I have a white hair. She gets excited and calls Shavel and Tissania. Together the three of them explore for more white hairs, and they claim to find more. I do not believe them. Kimberly is getting jealous of all the other girls now getting my attention and squirms her way through them and onto my lap, giving me the eye that indicates she's not very happy. So I squeeze her and make another fish face and she giggles.
- These kids just want to love and be loved. Pray for them that as they grow up their hearts will understand that God loves them so much more than I do, and He wants their love even more than they can understand.

1- YOU HAVE A BLOG!! coolness

2- hearing these stories makes my heart ache. how i long to get to know these kids on a much more personal level than what i do

3- this post makes me appreciate so much the ministry God has given me with the kiddos at church. a reminder that i need to keep watering the seeds that have been sown in their hearts.

thank you for serving where He has asked. our prayers are with you!


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