Sunday, February 14, 2010


Deaf Service on the Logos Hope Bookship

The Logos Hope is a ministry ship operated by OM that travels around the world, providing at-cost books, evangelism, community outreach, health clinics, etc to the many ports it visits. It has been docked in Montego Bay for about 6 weeks and on Wednesday they hosted around 250 deaf visitors for a worship service and to hear the Gospel message.

The program was student led for singing and drama.

My good friend from high school and college, Hannah Young, first introduced me to this ministry when she went full-time with them this summer aboard the Duolos, one of their other ships.
 Hannah and I at Purdue back in May saying goodbye as we both left for the mission field.

A 4 member team arrived in Jamaica last fall to set up all the activities for the Logos Hope once it arrived in January. They met up with us at the MoBay campus and had the idea for hosting a Deaf worship service on board the boat. They got connected with Pastor Damian (from CCCD and the Deaf Village) and went from there. After students shared songs, testimonies, and drama, Damian offered a message on the brevity of life and the urgency to accept Jesus now and turn to him in repentance. He shared the joy a life in Christ offers and the excitement of what heaven will be like.
Pastor Damian preaching.
Haide Burgos was our contact back in the fall, and she hosted us on Wednesday. It was a pretty crazy day though, with thousands of visitors on board the ship, along with our Deaf service, so we left shortly after the service was over. On Thursday, however, Haide invited us back for a tour of the ship, along with dinner :)
Some of the deck crew at work.
One of the captain guys (I think...)

The dining hall that accommodates up to 600 crew members.


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