Saturday, January 30, 2010


My Jamerican Parents!


Back in May of 2005, on my third trip to Jamaica, I met Marc and Laura White. They were the new missionaries at the Jamaica Deaf Village, and knowing that I loved the ministry, they gave me the opportunity to come back later that summer for Deaf Camp and to spend a week with their family. That trip in July of '05 was my first glimpse into the reality of the ministry. It wasn't the fairy tale experience of a work team going for a week, but I saw what daily life looked like, and saw first hand some of the difficulties. This didn't scare me away though, in large part because of what I learned from Marc and Laura. A year later, through some God things (a long story), I found myself returning to Jamaica for 3 months as an intern. Marc and Laura graciously hosted me in their home and took me in as their own. By the end of the summer, I had become their Jamerican son and they were my Jamerican parents. They left Jamaica in spring of 2007 to work in the US office, as the previous manager moved out of the state. What a blessing it was to have both of them down here last week, and to visit me at my new Jamaican home, Kingston!


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