Saturday, January 30, 2010


The Dentist Comes to Town

Since 1998, Dr. Buz and his wife, Sharon, have been coming to CCCD to treat our children and staff. After a few annual trips to the Knockpatrick campus, he began making a second trip to the island each year to attend to the MoBay and Kingston schools. Every January he comes to Kingston and spends 4 days cleaning, filling, and extracting. It's hard work, without all the convenient tools found in his office back in Georgia, but he truly blesses our children and ministry by his compassionate, professional care.
Sharon, Dr. Buz and me

Dr. Buz preparing to extract one of Akeem's teeth

Along with Dr Buz and his wife, were former CCCD missionaries Preston and Mary Ellen. They first got involved with CCCD work teams back in the early 90s. After spending months at a time hosting work teams for a number of years, they made the move down to the island in the late 90s and lived at the MoBay campus for several years. They have remained very active within the ministry and serve on the board of directors. They also come down with Dr. Buz every year and help with the teeth cleaning and other areas. CCCD is SO blessed to have faithful servants like Dr. Buz, Sharon, Preston, and Mary Ellen!
Me, Preston and Mary Ellen


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