Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Finally Home

(View of the entrance to school from Cassia Park Road)

It's been a long journey since last December when God showed me where He wanted me to go, but last night was a perfect ending that one can only experience, not describe (but I'll give it a shot). I was able to spend 3 weeks here in my Kingston apartment this summer, but I never got settled because I knew I'd be leaving at the end of that 3 week period, so Matt and I just lived out of our suitcases. And actually, since early April when I moved out of "Serenity Now" (Mak's place in Indy) I have not been in one spot for more than 3 weeks. April and May I stayed overnight at friends, family and co-workers (Aaron Price, Jay Kelley, Chad Hoerr, Leuthold's, Mom and Dad's, and traveled for work...thanks everyone for your hospitality). Then during the summer here in Jamaica I helped with teams at all 4 campuses during my 10 week stay, so the 3 weeks at Kingston was actually my longest stint. I got back to the States August 10, but as my mom can attest, I was not home very often, particularly the first 3 weeks during which I traveled for weddings, events and visits.
When I arrived at MTI in Colorado on September 14, and was able to unpack and put clothes away in a closet and in drawers, I cannot describe how happy that made me feel. I've always considered myself one who liked change and liked to be on the go, but I guess at some point all of us just want to BE somewhere, and I had reached that point. So during orientation the first night when our instructor asked what our 5 greatest joys were for the day, the first thing that popped into my mind was "unpacking and knowing I'll be here for 3 weeks!" It still hadn't sunk in that Oct 6 was soon going to be here and then I'd truly be home, but last night, it finally sunk in.
As we pulled through the gate I could see some of the children racing across the parking lot near the office. As we got closer I started to recognize faces and I became more excited. Then when I stepped out of the car I just got overwhelmed by hugs, and my heart was smiling so big! Maria Lawrence (the principal) told me they wanted to stay up til I got there, so they were allowed to stay up later than normal. A couple of the older kids immediately grabbed my very heavy bags (over 50lbs, thanks to the American Air lady that led me slide!) and hauled them across the driveway, up the stairs, and into the apt. I tossed my bookbag down and went back down to see the rest of the kids. I made it to the little boys dorm and it started to sink in even more, when Roger and Cleveland and Dayne and so many other little guys came rushing and almost tackling me, asking "remember me, remember me" and repeatedly doing a handshape B on their forehead (my sign name). Unless you experience the joy of these kids, it's just hard to describe how it makes you feel. The love they show is incredible, and it humbles me. To think; I am going to have the opportunity to share life and learn from these kids and be a role, God help, God help, God help!
The housemothers then told the kids it was bedtime, so I went up to my apartment, chatted briefly with the two teachers I share my kitchen with, and then began to unpack. Oh the joy! I was really tired but once I laid the first thing out, I couldn't stop until all the clothes, boxes, and just stuff was all unpacked and somewhat organized. It was a blast seeing how much I was able to squeeze into free baggage checks! I definitely did feel a bit of pride there, I must say, it was a lot of stuff :)

(My bed, getting messy already!)

(A twin bed will serve as a temporary closet :)

(this couch arrived on a container this summer, and I was able to put it aside for's a temporary storage space also)

After unpacking I grabbed my laptop to see if I could catch a wifi signal, and praise God I was able to outside the office (we have wireless, wooohooo!). I updated my facebook status, sent a couple emails, and then went back to take a shower and hit the sack. To my shocking surprise (just kidding, I was actually half expecting this) there was no water. So, praise God I arrived at night and I hadn't sweated too much, and since there was no shower to be had I just called it a night.
Looking back to my first trip here in December, wow, it seems so distant, but now I'm here, and all I can say is, God is God, God is faithful, and God is SO good. All the time. No matter what. Amen.

Praise Jesus for that indescribable feeling! there is truly nothing like it. And the best part is it just gets better and better! Blessings
So glad you are home safe and that the kids welcomed you. cool to see pics of your place. Look forward to talking to you on Skype.

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