Thursday, September 24, 2009


It's a Better Place, Standing High Upon This Mountain

If you didn't know, I'm in a 3 week training seminar in Colorado. Today our lesson was on Silence and Solitude, along with Resting on the Sabbath. It's convicting to me because I like to have noise and action and the energy of other people around me, and too often I forget that I need to spend time in solitude and silence. Our challenge today was to spend the afternoon outdoors and spend time in prayer and meditation around creation. My first reaction: "No way! It's way too stinking cold (upper 40s) for me to go outside. My pride kicked in and I was saying to a group of guys, I live in Jamaica now and there is no way you're getting me to go outside."

Picking up on my attitude yet?

So I stay nice and warm inside, i'm doing my assignment, meanwhile everyone else is heading outdoors. I stay in for a while and then start thinking, well, Blake, maybe you shouldn't be so lazy and should give it a try. So I thought about it and then a classmate walked by and invites me to drive down the road a bit to a neat trail that her and her husband were going to take. So I think about, well, ok, I guess I'll go. So I grab my Zune (non-hip version of an iPod) and head out the door with them. It was only a 5 minute drive and soon we're at the park. Dave points me the way to go and I head up the side of a mountain. It was really pretty and as I got higher, the view behind me began to get more and more spectacular. About 25 minutes into my hike I found a small reservoir with some large boulders at the end, and I just crawled out onto one of them and had a beautiful view of the scenery reflecting off the calm water.

After soaking in the moment, I got back on the trail and hiked up for 5 more minutes or so. I got to a good stopping point and again turned back to see the valley below.

I checked my time and I had been gone for 35 minutes already, so it was time to head back since I only had an hour. I had just turned around and started my descent when the next song came on my Zune. Once I heard the opening line I had to just stop and think this really the song that just came on??? It was one of my favorites by Bebo Norman, entitled (appropriately enough) "Walk Down This Mountain." I just stood there and soaked in the words:

"It's a better place, standing high upon this mountain. I've seen your face, full of light that only height can show. I'm reminded that you've given me all I need to know. So as you walk down this mountain with your heart held high, following in the footsteps of your Maker, with His love that's gone before you, and people at your side. If you offer up your broken cup, you will taste the meaning of this life"

It was a moment I won't soon forget. God was trying to teach me that he didn't want me to hunker down on a couch to spend time with Him, but to get outside and see His creation, and to commune with Him. I wanted to do what I wanted to do. Stay in my comfort zone, inside where I didn't have to fear the cold. But once I got outside, and started the hike, I wasn't even thinking about the cold anymore. I was thinking about how mighty the God is that created me and all the wonder I saw. So my challenge to you, is get outside and enjoy the creation around you, because;

It's a better place, standing high upon the mountain.

Love you, Bro. Praise God for speaking to you so powerfully and tenderly.
Good Job overcoming self! Keep it up:) Blessings
I think I would have felt the same way. Actually I know I would have.
But I took your challenge (mostly because its NOT 40 degrees here yet) and although there is no mountain (though I guess our house is on top of a hill, does that count??, the day IS beautiful, and God IS wonderfully amazing!

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